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Building Substations

National Conductor is one of the most respected electrical utility contractors in the United States. Our crews and office staff have made National Conductor a power industry leader. Our proven track record of on-time project completion, our effective cost management, best practices and top-notch safety record is due to our dedicated staff members.


NCC has traveled nationwide building substations, switchyards, static var and HVDC stations since 1977. NCC's field crews are experts at:

  • Construction of substations, switchyards and static var systems
  • Conduit and wire installation
  • Control wiring
  • Structural steel erection
  • Aluminum bus installation
  • Welding and installation of substation bus and wire systems
  • Concrete construction
  • Trenching and backfilling
  • Fence, cable trenching and HV equipment installation
  • Yard light, rock, and control house installation
  • Testing

These skills have enabled us to produce quality power infrastructure in 48 states since 1977. We have completed over 1000 projects nationwide. We offer experienced craftsmen and supply all other required equipment for a complete substation installation.

Recent Projects

  • NCC built two 345kv substations and one 345kV switchyard for BP at Flat Ridge Wind Farm, one of the largest wind farms in the US.
  • NCC built the Alexandria 345kv Substation in 2013 as a part of the Cap X 2020 power upgrade.
  • NCC built the Majestic 2 Wind Farm Substation for Nextera near Amarillo, TX.
  • NCC built the San Souci 500kV switchyard in Osceola, AR.

Our Substation Projects

We have completed over 1000 projects nationwide. We offer experienced craftsmen and supply all other required equipment for a complete substation installation.

Airtech Park Sub
Alexandria Substation
Alexandria Switching St.
Altoona Substation
Ames Sub
Anderson 138kV Sub
Appeldorn Substation
B&V Com-Ed
Barnes Substation
Blue Door Sub
Blythe Energy Project
Brookline Sub
Calumet Substation
City of Olivia
Clearbrook Sub
Com-Ed Above Grade
Com-Ed Control Bldg
Desert Basin
Drayton Sub
Elk River #14 Upgrade
Elliott Substation
Ellis Substation
Elwood Energy
Enterprise Park Sub
Exol Dist. Substation
Fielden Series Cap
Fina Refinery
Flat Ridge East Sub
Flat Ridge Viola Sub
Flat Ridge West Sub

Flying Cloud Substation
Francisco Sub
Frazee & Rush Lake
Frontera Switching Station
Goose Lake Dist. Sub
Gordon Evans Project
Grand Rapids Sub
Greenlee Cap Bank
Greenwood Sub
Guadalupe Power
GWF Tracy
Hammond Dist. Sub
Hanford Energy
Hanford Power Plant
Harry Allen Switchyard
Haverhill 69 Substation
Henrietta Substation
Inland Empire Trans
Inman Substation
Koger Sub
Lake Yankton Conduit
Lake Yankton Foundations
Lake Yankton Phase 3
Lebec Substation
Lee Road
Leech Lake Sub
Majestic Substation
McCarthy Lake Substation
McCartney Sub
McLewis Sub
MidAmerican Energy
Minndakota Wind Farm
Minooka 345kV Plant
Minooka GSA
Nashwauk Bus Extension
Nelson Sub
New Bourban/Seminary Sub
North Substation
Okeelanta Sub
Ottertail Wind Farms
Palomar Trans
Phillips Sub
Pidgeon Sub
Pilotac Substaton
Pinal West 345kV
Prairie Star Wind Farm
Prairie Substation
Pump Stations 4 & 5
Rodeo Ride Sequoyah
Rough & Ready
Royal Blue Sub
Rush River Sub
S. Shakopee Sub
San Souci 500kV Switchyard
Sauk River Sub
SDI Breaker
Seabrook Project
Sheyenne Sub Welding
Smarr Subtation
Sobrante Sub
Southeast Sub
Sowego Sub
Spruill Road Sub
Square Butte Sub
Stange Sub
Steel Dynamics
Steel Dynamics
Steel Dynamics Standing
Sterling Pulp Chemical
Stuart Station
Sunrise Co-Gen
Sunrise Phase II
Tatanka Sub & Interconnect
Tesla Substation
Thief River Falls Sub
Tracy CA Sub
Trico Steel Phase II
Trico Steel Plant
Urbana Substation
Vet Med Substation
Wadena Sub
Warrick 138kV Switchyard
Watertown Sub
Watertown Substation
West Hastings Sub
Westar Substation
Wheatland Project
Wheelers Point Sub
Whelan Substation
White Water Project
Wilton Substation

Substation Leadership

Bob Changstrom
Senior Project Manager
Jim Side
Electrician Division Construction Manager
Tony Fargo
Electrical Project Manager
Sarah O'Neil
Senior Project Coordinator

Bob has been with NCC for over 12 years and has worked in high voltage construction for over 35 years.

Jim has worked in electrical substations and high voltage construction for over 25 years and has been with NCC for over 15 years.


Tony currently holds master electrician licenses in 16 states.


Sarah has a multitude of experience in the construction industry and has been with NCC since 2011.




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