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Safety & Training Practices

Safety is a top priority for us. Since 1977 we have always worked safely and cautiously. We have trained employees to:

  • Understand company safety rules and policies
  • To use tools, equipment and personal protective equipment the way they were designed
  • To identify hazards and eliminate them
  • To immediately report all unsafe conditions to their supervisor
  • To only perform tasks for which they have been trained and when in doubt, stop and ask
  • To accept the "Zero Accident" philosophy

Safety Practices

We place a primary focus on HONESTY, QUALITY, and SAFETY. All of our employees are required to read and understand the manual and are tested annually. We also will adhere to our clients standards when they prefer or if the client’s standards are more stringent.

Our safety documentation consists of safety forms such as the, tail gate meeting form or also known as a daily safety meeting, the weekly safety meeting sign-in sheet, and of course the foreman’s daily journal. We also make sure that a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) is on every site.

Safety Certifications

Here is a list of some of our safety certifications that we adhere to.

Certificates Codes and Standards
Certified Welders IEEE, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Eng.
Electrical Licenses in 38 States NEMA, National Electrical Manu. Assoc.
Aluminum Certificates NESC, National Electrical Safety Code
AWS D-1.2 ANSI, American National Standards Institute
ASME Section IX UL, Underwriters Laboratories
Steel Certification ASTM, American Society for Testing and Material
AWS D1.1 IPCEA, Int. Power Cable Engineers Assoc.
OSHA Training
10 and 30 hours
AISC, American Institute of Steel Construction
CPR/1st Aid Training NEC, National Electric Code
IRISS Certified AWS, American Welding Society
Applied Surface Concepts Training Code 3084 Silver per AMS 2451 & Mil-Std 865
Hazardous Waste and DOT Hazardous Materials Training 40CFR 265.16 / 49 CFR 172.702 and 49 CFR 172.704
NCCCO Crane Certified ACI, American Concrete Institute
Power Safe Generation Training Certified ISA, Instrument Society of America
  NACE, Nat'l Assoc. of Corrosion Engineers
  NFPA, National Fire Protection Assoc.
  NBS, National Bureau of Standards
  OSHA, Occupational Safety and Health

Safety Programs

Our safety programs consist of the following programs.

Course Number, Course Description, Training Material Used

S-01, Safety Orientation, Review NCC's Safety Book (Black Book)
S-02, Receive/Train Safety Handbook, OSHA Construction Handbook
S-03, Bloodborne Pathogens, Handbook, BBP10H
S-04, Personal Protective Equipment, Video PPE00v & Handbook PPE00H
S-05, First Aid and CPR, Community Programs and Handbook FAD00H
S-06, Excavation Safety, Handbook TRE02H
S-07, Scaffold Safety, Handbook SCA00H
S-08, Fall Protection, Handbook CST28H
S-09, Arc Welding, NCC Safety Book
S-10, Pre-Trip Inspection, Vista Video on Pre-Tri Inspection
S-11, CDL Training & License, Drivers License Manual for CDL
S-12, Fire Protection, Handbook FIR00H
S-13, High Voltage Safety, Video ELE04V & Handbook ELE05H
S-14, Electrical Grounding, Video ELE06V
S-15, MSDS Safety, Handbook MSD00H/GHS Standard SDS
S-16, Confined Space Entry, Video CST04V & Handbook CSE02H
S-17, Lockout/Tagout Procedures, Video CST02V & Handbook LOT04H
S-18, Aerial Platforms, Video CST17V (boomlift) & CST17H
S-19, Forklift Safety, Video CST29V & Handbook CST29H
S-20, Crane Inspection, Video CRA03V & Inspection Report
S-21, Crane Safety, Video CRA01V, P& H Crane, Safety Manual
S-22, Rigging, Vista Video on Rigging
S-23, Substatnce Abuse, Handbook DFW00H

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