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Isolated Phase Bus Maintenance and Inspections

Our Isophase Maintenance and inspection Division handles your Isophase & bar bus maintenance & inspections from generator to transformer.

They can handle all of the following tasks in your power plant.

  • Borescope inspection with complete report
  • Electro-silver plating of all connections and ends
  • Cryogenic cleaning of inside & outside of bus
  • Thermal image inspection with complete report
  • Flexible braid & link replacement
  • Hardware & gasket replacement
  • Repairs
  • Welding
  • Troubleshooting

Recent Projects

Plant Owner Work Type
JH Campbell Consumers Energy Cryogenic Cleaning
Lakefield Junction Great River Energy Borescope Inspection
Faribault Energy Part MMPA Borescope
Pleasant Valley Great River Energy Borescope
Minnesota River Station MMPA Borescope Inspection
Clinton Nuclear Exelon Borescope
Boswell Minnesota Power Thermal Image
Boswell Minnesota Power Borescope
Cleveland County Southern Company Silver-plating
Columbia Energy Columbia Energy Silver-plating
Braidwood Exelon Silver-plating
NYPA NYPA Borescope
Gainesville Gainseville Silver-plating
Omaha Public Power OPPD Borescope
Hennepin Dynegy Borescope
Browns Ferry TVA Borescope
Stanton A Southern Company Borescope
Lower Mount Bethel PPL Borescope
Lower Mount Bethel PPL Silver Plating
Hermiston Perrienal Power Borescope
Hermiston Perrienal Power Cryogenic Cleaning
Plum Point Energy NAES Borescope
Plum Point Energy NAES Cryogenic Cleaning
Plum Point Energy NAES Insulator Change Outs
Dolet Hills Cleco Borescope
Plant Oleander Southern Company Borescope
Big Stone Ottertail Power Cryogenic Cleaning
Browns Ferry TVA Cryogenic Cleaning
Newington Public SRV of NH Borescope
Bellingham Energy Facility GDF Suez Borescope
OPPD Nebraska City Repair
Moss Point Mississippi Power Cryogenic Cleaning
Bellingham Energy Facility GDF Suez Borescope
Fort Myers Power Station FPL Bellow Measurement
Browns Ferry TVA Cryogenic & Borescope
Nebraska City OPPD Bellow Installation
Plum Point NAES Repair
Midlothian GDF Suez Borescope
Pleasant Valley Great River Energy Cryogenic & Borescope
Ludington Consumers Energy Cryogenic, Borescope & Siver Plating


Our Capabilities

Thermal Imaging

As systems age, electrical connections loosen & corrode, increasing their resistance.

While your system is under load, this increased resistance consumes wattage that presents itself as heating on failing electrical connections.

Thermography surveys can detect this increased heating when a line-of-sight is available to the connection as in a substation, or through the installation of infrared windows in power plants.

Connection temperatures are trended to assess whether the connection is stable, or in exponential failure mode and needing immediate attention.

Our Thermography Technicians are trained utilizing ASNT guidelines & adhere to NFPA-70E standards.

There are so many variables to consider when performing an Infrared inspection. Things such as wind speed, ambient air, weather conditions, reflection, and camera settings all have an effect on the inspection, and should only be performed by certified technicians.

NCC can provide the client with a complete PDM program, or we can assist your team to be more effective.

Bore Scope Inspections

With our state of the art Borescope cameras (with 120° articulating head) we are able to capture both still photographs & video from inside your entire Iso-Phase Bus System.

With this technology we are able to detect cracks in insulators, weld fractures, missing hardware, FME, etc.

Our cameras are also fitted with 30 feet of inspection cable which allows us to inspect 60’ from one cover opening.

Cryogenic Cleaning

National Conductor provides dry ice blasting/ cryogenic cleaning (Co2) for dust, debris, fire, soot and smoke damage.

We clean Iso-phase bus, non-seg bus, insulators, transformers, switchgear and other power generation related equipment that has most any residue.

Dust, debris, soot, and smoke damage that is left behind can cause issues with the electrical currents that run through the equipment. Leaving behind this residue will only cause issue.

In the past, the only option was to scrub the whole unit down with isopropyl alcohol, which is very time consuming. Rather than scrub down the entire unit, cryogenic cleaning/dry ice blasting can be used in its place, which in turn significantly reducing downtime.

This type of cleaning is non-conductive, which means that electronics & electrical components will not be affected by this type of cleaning.


Electro-Silver Plating

National Conductor chooses to use the “Electro-plating” method for our plating projects versus the “Cool Amp” method.

The benefits of our application is that ours is applied using “current” which fuses the metals together to form a bond and lasts much longer versus “Cool Amp”, which is applied to the surface only.

We can apply product to original manufacturer specifications or beyond, or to any desired thickness. We can do copper plating, Nickel plating, and of course silver plating and we can also apply over aluminum & copper.

We can plate flex links, braids, LV bushings, spade ends, and all terminal connections.

We are DOT & EPA compliant and our certified technicians are trained in plating & in Hazardous material handling.

We have mobile labs that we can bring to your site and perform the plating or if it is more convenient, you can also ship your products to us and we can have them plated at one of our facilities.

Retro-fit and Repair

Along with our services, the crew is trained in complete retro-fit and any repair that may be needed in your Iso-Phase Bus system. We have certified alum tig welders.


Mark Anderson is our Division Manager for our ISO-Phase Maintenance and inspection division. Mark is a well rounded and very knowledgable with this part of our business.


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