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Isolated-Phase Bus

We are the leading isolated-phase bus installation contractor in the United States. We offer a turnkey approach to isolated-phase bus. Our certified and trained crews get projects done safely and on time and within your budget.

We can handle all scheduling, setting of all steel, install all equipment and isolated-phase bus. In short, we offer a complete and workable system from generators to transformers. National Conductor can procure all materials needed and construct the project in its entirety if requested.

Customers come to us because of the people we employ and the highly regarded isolated-phase bus skills that we offer. NCC employs 40+ TIG welders certified in Heli-arc welding.

Our training program and safety record is among the best in the country. To prove it check-out our list of completed projects. Regardless of what your isolated-phase bus needs are our highly trained crews and modern equipment can deliver projects on-time and with a quality level provided by no other.

Our isolated-phase bus division is a very specialized group within the company. As you would assume, they are trained a little differently, We have the same turnkey capabilities as substation in the isolated-phase bus arena, which allows us to handle more of the system at the power plants. We have alliances with several of the IPB manufacturers, which gives us access to their engineers and materials, and most of our men come from the welding of substations and are therefore trained in steel erection, grounding, and many other useful skills that make our isolated-phase bus crews much more versatile.

Completed Isolated-phase Bus Projects

AES Ironwood Project
Allen Fossil Plant
Arkansas Nuclear #1
Athens Generation
Beaver Valley
Berkshire Power Plant
Bethlehem Energy
Black Hills Airport
Blackdog Plant
Blue Lake Plant
Blythe Energy
Blythe Repair
Bosque County
Bowen #1
Bowen #2
Bridgeport Harbor
Browns Ferry GCB
Browns Ferry
Browns Ferry Nuclear
Browns Ferry Unit 3
Brunswick Nuclear
Byron Nuclear
Byron Unit 2
Byron Unit One
Cardinal #3
Chattahoochee Gen
Choctaw Gas Project
Choctaw Project
Cholla Power
Cleveland County
Cliffside Inspection
Cliffside Modification
Clinton M&I
Clinton Nuclear
Colbert Steam Station
Columbia Energy
Columbia Generating
Columbia Modification
Columbia Silver Plating
Cooper Generating Station
Coronado Emmssions
Cottage Grove
Coyote Springs II
Craig Power Plant
Cross Gen Santee Cooper
Crystal River Nuclear
Dallman Unit 31.
Dan River
Dave Johnston Power Plant
DC Cook
Dearborn Industrial
Deer Creek Station
Diablo Canyon
Diablo Canyon PG&E
Diablo Canyon Transformer
Dickerson Station H
Dresden MPT
Dresden Nuclear
Dresden Unit 2
Dry Fork Energy
Dry Fork Unit 1
Duke Buck
El Segundo
Elwood Energy
Emporia II
Fort St. Vrain
Fox Energy Center
Gateway Tap
Gerald Ferry Nuclear
Gerald Gentleman Station
Gila River Project
Gilbert Gen St Bus
Gleason Power Plant
Goat Rock
Grand Coulee Dam
Groton Bus
Guadalupe Power
Hanford /Fru-Con
Harquahala Gen
Harris Power
Harry Allen
Haynes 5 & 6
High Bridge Comb.
Hoover Power Plant
Hopkins Power Plant
Hunter Power Plant
Indian Point
Inland Empire
International Plant
J Dillon Kennedy #8
J Lamar
Jim Bridger
John W. Turk
John W. Turk Jr. Unit 1
Kent Utility E.W. Brown
Killen Station
Kleen Energy
Lagoon Creek
Lake Road
Lakeside Power
Los Esteros
Lower Mt. Bethel
Mankato Energy
Martin Simple Cycle Project
McAdams MS
Midlothian Power Plant
Milford Power
Millstone Nuclear 2
Millstone Seal Off
Millstone Tap
Milton R, Young
Monroe GA
Monroe Power Plant
Neal Energy
Nichols Gen Unit 2
Nine Mile Plant
Nucor #2
Ontelaunee Energy
Otay Mesa
Payne Creek Gen
Plant Harris
Plant McDonough
Pleasant Prairie
Quad Cities

Redhawk Power Plant
Reid Gardner Station
Remington Marsh
Renaissance Power Plant
Riverside Energy
Riviera Beach
Rocky Mt. Plant
Rodeo Ride Sequoyah
Rodeo Ride Sequoyah Trans
Rome 3 Taps
Sanford Power Plant
Santee Cooper #3
Santee Cooper Gen
Santee Cooper
Sarpy Cty
SDI Steel Dynamics
Seqoyah Breaker
Sequoyah Nuclear
Silver Bay
Smith Mtn. Hydro
South Point
Stanton 1 & 2
Sugarcreek LLC
Sugarcreek Power
Sunrise Duct
Sunrise Phase II
Surry Nuclear
Tiger Bay Cogen
Treasure Coast
VC Summer
Venice Plant
Vermont Yankee Nuclear
Vogtle Power Plant
Walnut Creek
Watts Bar Nuclear Plant
Watts Bar Plant #2
Watts Bar Plant 3
Wyman Plant



Tom Slukich is the Division Manager for the isophase systems. Tom has been with NCC for over 25 years.


Ray "Butch" Isle is the construction manager and has been with NCC for over 30 years.




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