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Conductor Products

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Conductor Products can be your material packager for many different types of high voltage construction projects such as substations, switchyards, collector yards, transmission lines, distribution lines, and even underground utility systems.

Conductor Products has many advantages over other material packagers because we have great OEM pricing, multiple alliances with manufactures and distributors, experienced project estimators that are able to check and verify material making so we order what is exactly needed.

We are happy to handle your nuisance material that takes time and organization to order, track and verify. We have a warehouse stocked with miscellaneous materials such as lights, conduit, fittings, bus and wire fittings, terminations, grounding, etc., that often get overlooked and or forgotten.

We will handle all packaging and handling, along with shipping the materials to your desired location. We can supply you with anything you could need to complete your project. We take pride in on-time scheduled deliveries. We track your orders from our (or the manufacturer's) warehouse to your jobsite.

Here at conductor products we have even gone as far as to hire an engineering firm, and with their know-how we have designed a multiple functioning substation that can be utilized by any utilities, municipals, and anyone else in the market. We have a detailed brochure and presentation if you would like to know more about this.

Products We Supply

  • Steel Structures
  • Equipment
  • Grounding materials, including molds and shot
  • Cable Trench from multiple manufacturers
  • Switches
  • Breakers
  • Capacitors
  • Aluminum Tube Bus & Fittings
  • Aluminum or Copper bus from any manufacture and of course all affiliated fittings.
  • Cable bus and associated material for it’s installation
  • Conduit of every size and all associated fittings.
  • Control and power cables of any length and type
  • Control houses as a whole and / or all pieces and parts inside them, even the control panels
  • Control and Relay Panels
  • Miscellaneous Material
  • T-Line
  • Transmission poles, and all of their accessories including insulators
  • Fence Fabric, post and barbwire available.





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