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Bus and Wire Division

Welding aluminum bus is how we got started in 1977 and it was the core of the company for the first decade. Our division is capable of welding and installing bus and wire systems anywhere in the country. We have the supervision, equipment and experienced welders to compliment your firm's needs. We offer TIG, MIG, Heli- arc and SMAW welding processes. Since 1977 we have welded miles of aluminum bus on hundreds of projects ranging from 69kV to 500kV. We have worked with major power company crews, substation contractors, REAs, Co-ops, municipals and private developers in over 900 installations. We have always been on time and within budget, and have never had a failed system. We can also provide your material needs for bus and/or wire systems.

As one of the most respected electric utility contractors in the United States, we have a proven track record of safety, effective time and cost management, and working well with clients and subcontractors. We explore the “give and take” method as much as possible, which eliminates paperwork. This method and mind frame has worked for us since 1977 and we have proven that it works, it is just one of the ways that we manage time and costs.

Staffing Projects

NCC is a IBEW union contractor and have a core of 40 experienced certified welders at our disposal. Our welders are crossed trained in multiple forms of welding and fabrication and we have new welders going through our extensive training program consistently.

Substation Bus and Wire Projects

Here is a list of substation bus and wire projects that we have completed since 1977.

9 Mile Point Plant
Airtech Park Sub
Akron/Sterling Sub
Alexandria Substation
Alexandria Switch Station
Altoona Substation
Ames Power Plant
Anderson 138kV Sub
Anderson IMPA Sub
Anderson Substation
Appeldorn Substation
Arcadia Sub
Archives Substation
Asbury Sub
B&V Com-Ed
Barna Substation
Barnes Sub
Bennettsville Sub
Blue Door Substation
Blythe Energy Project
Brauning Lake Power
Bridgest One Sub
Brookline Substation
Burke Substation
Bypass Road Sub
Calumet Substation
Campbell Sub
Campus Drive Sub
Cane Island Sub
Center Grove Sub
Center Park Sub
Chalk Point Sub
Chicago Ave. Sub
City of Columbus Sub
City of Lodi Sub
City of Olivia
Clay St. Sub
Clay Street and 3 others
Clearbrook Substation
Cleveland Sub
Coleco Sub
Columbia Sub
Conservation Sub 500kV
Corbett Sub 500kV
Cortez Substation
County Line Sub
Crocket Substation
Cumberland Fossil Plant
Dalzell Sub
Delphi-Wells St. Sub
Desert Basin
Dickinson Sub
Downtown Ocala Sub
Drayton Substation
Duvall 500kV
East Leipsic Sub
Echo Lake Sub 500kv
Edwardsport Sub
Elk River #14 Upgrade
Elkmont Sub
Elliott Substation
Ellis Sub
Elwood Energy
Emilie sub

Empire Substation
Enterprise Park Substation
Essex Junction Sub
Exol Dist
Fielden Cap Bank
Fina Refinery
Flat Ridge East Sub
Flat Ridge Viola Sub
Flat Ridge West Sub
Florahome Substation
Flying Cloud Sub
Fort Lupton
Fort Morgan Substation
Francisco Sub
Frankfort 230kV Sub
Franklin Substation
Frazee & Rush Lake
Freezeout Sub
Frontera Switching St
Garden City Sub
Gavin Power Plant
Goose Lake Dist.
Gordon Evans Project
Gover Substation
Grand Forks Sub
Grand Rapids Sub
Great River Energy
Greenlee Cap Bank
Greenlee Cap Bank
Greenwood Sub
Guadalupe Power Plant
Hamilton Substation
Hammond Sub
Hanford Energy
Hanford Energy
Hanna Tap Sub
Hardee Plant
Harry Allen Switchyd
Haverhill 69kV
Headgate Sub
Henrietta Substation
Hill Top Sub
Hinckley Sub
Hopewell Sub
Hopewell Substation 2
Indiana Summit Sub
Inman Substation
International Falls Sub
Iowa Junction Sub
Jacksboro Substation
Juno Substation
Kerr-McGee Sub
Keystone Hghts Sub
Koger Substation
L.E.Myers Substation
Lake Yankton
Lakeover 500kV Sub
Lebec Substation
Lee Road
Leech Lake Sub
Lenape Sub
Lexinton Park/Ryceville
Majestic Substation
Manatee Power Plant
Manatee Sub

Mankato Energy
Martin Power Plant 500kV
McCarthy Lake Substation
McCartney Substation
McLewis Sub
Memphis Junction
Metrowest Sub
Midamerican Energy
MidAmerican Energy
Midway Sub 500kV
Mill Creek Sub
Minndakota Wind Farm
Minooka 345kV Plant
Mud Lake Project
N. St. Cloud Sub
Nashwauk Bus Extension
Nelson Sub
New Bourban/Seminary
Norbeck/Mezerott Sub
North Substation
Ocala Airport Sub
Okeelanta Sub
Oreana sub
Ottertail Wind Farms
Ottertail Wind Farms
Phillips Substation
Phoenix Sub
Pidgeon Substation
Pilotac Sub
Pinal West
Pleasant Prairie
Pointsett 500kV Sub
Polk Retrofit
Prairie Star Wind Farm II
Prairie Substation
Pump Stations 4&5
Red Lion Substation
Redding Sub
Richmond Combustion
Rinehart Substation
River substation
Rocky Mountain Sub
Rodeo Ride Sequoyah
Rolling Hills Sub
Rough & Ready Sub
Roy CE/Springbrook/Rt. 59
Royal Blue Substation
Rush River Sub
S. Grandview Sub
San Souci 500kV
Sandy Pond
Santon Sub
Sauk River Substation
SDI Breaker
Seabrook Project
Seminole Sub
Seven Mile Hill Sub
Shelby Substation
Sheyenne Sub

Smarr Substation
Sobrante Sub
South Shakopee Sub
South Sheboygan Falls
South Vero Beach Sub
Southeast Substation
Southhampten/Alta Vista
Southpoint Sub
Sowego Substation
Springbrook Sub
Spruill Road Sub
Square Butte Sub
St. Clair Substation
Stange Rd
Station H
Station H Unit 2
Steel Dynamics
Steel Dynamics
Steel Dynamics
Sterling Pulp Chemical
Stuart Station
Sugarcreek Sub
Summit Sub
Sunrise Co-Gen Project
Sunrise Phase II
Switzerland Sub
Tait Substation
Tatanka Sub & Interconnect
Tate Substation
Tesla Sub
Thief River Falls Sub
Tinker Air Force Base
Tollway/W. Side/Pebblewood
Tracy CA Sub
Trico Steel Phase II
Trico Steel Plant
Unicoi Substation
Urbana Substation
Vero Beach North
Vero Beach Sub
Vet Med Sub
Wadena Sub
Wallingford Bus
Warren Sub
Warrick 138kV Switchyard
Watertown B&W
West Hastings Substation
West Substation
Westar Sub
Wheatland Project
Wheelers Point Sub
Whelan 115kV
White Water Project
Wilton Substation
Windsor Substation
Wisconsin Rapids Sub
Woodsdale Sub
Worthington Sub

Bus & Wire Leadership

Ray "Butch" Isle is the Division Manager for the bus and wire systems. He has has been with NCC for over 30 years.

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