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About National Conductor

National Conductor opened it’s doors in 1977, and since has become one of the top High Voltage Construction Companies in the industry. With a team of professional employees who’s combined knowledge exceeds 400 years of experience, National Conductor has completed over 1000 high voltage projects. These projects consist of:

  • Building Substations
  • Installing Capacitor Banks
  • Installing Conduit and Wire Systems
  • Installing Control Wiring
  • Building Switchyards
  • Installing Aluminum Bus
  • Concrete Construction
  • Structural Steel Erection
  • Trenching
  • Welding and Installing Substation Bus and Wire Systems
  • Building Static Var Systems
  • Backfilling and Site Work
  • Turbine Isolated-Phase Bus Installation (IPB)
  • Isolated-Phase Bus Construction
  • Isolated-Phase Bus Maintenance and Inspection

Our History

Scott Zahn the founder and CEO of NCC was brought into the world of High Voltage construction by his father Marvin who worked as a heavy equipment operator clearing miles and miles of transmission line in northern Minnesota. As a young man Scott Started out as a ground man assisting lineman in many of their different tasks from setting poles to stringing power line. After working on his first substation Scott saw the huge demand for aluminum welders in the substation arena, and decided it was time to learn to weld himself. After learning to weld and working as a welder for hire, National Conductor was officially born in 1977.

As Scott purchased his first TIG welding machine and truck he began to travel from project to project welding aluminum bus for some of the largest electrical contractors around. Once he had his foot in the door in the substation arena Scott worked his way into the other aspects of substation construction. He first started this endeavor by having his crews set the steel structures and equipment. He eventually worked his way into handling all the electrical work from simply running conduit and cable tray to pulling all the high voltage cables and making all the terminations.

National Conductors core has been aluminum welding since the very beginning. This eventually led us into turbine isolated-phase bus installation in the late 1980’s. Scott being the visionary that he is, reached out to many of the power plants that he commonly constructed substations at and inquired how the isolated-phase bus was installed. What he found was this also was an aluminum bus duct that runs from the main generators to the step-up transformers outside the plant. Up to this point 99% of the power plants in the US had there isolated-phase bus installed by either the manufacture or plant employees.

Seeing the possibility’s and already having immense experience in aluminum welding and bus fabrication Scott jumped at the opportunity to take on a new arena of work. A new division of NCC was created. NCC was the first in the industry to be an installation contractor of turbine isolated-phase bus outside of manufactures and plant employees and doing so he took the power plant industry by storm. Scott and his team worked their way from the manufactures to the power plants themselves promoting there available services and were welcomed with open arms. Even replacing isolated-phase bus on the Hoover Dam.

In closing NCC was built on 3 simple values: Honesty, Quality, and Safety. Living and conducting business by those values are what has helped Scott and his team hold their place as the top contractor in this industry.

Why National Conductor?

We have traveled nationwide building substations, switchyards, static var and HVDC stations since 1977. Our field crews have the skills to complete your project as specified. The following skills have enabled us to produce quality power infrastructures in 48 states since 1977.

  • We cover all the aspects of a project, and the first part of that is price. If your cost isn’t competitive, then you won’t be doing much especially in today’s market.
  • Equally important is the managing of the project to assure that it stays on track, material shows up when its supposed to, and all schedules are kept. Now we of course pride ourselves on our workmanship, safety, and our ability to get the job done right, but where we take the advantage is our ability to micro-manage every detail from the office. We check, and double check the progress of the work.
  • Pre-Construction troubleshooting is our way of saying that if a problem wasn’t pinpointed in the bidding process, then we will catch it here, during our pre-construction sweep. This is where our project managers go through the job with a fine tooth comb and verify all specifications.
  • Double checking the schedule and making sure that the material is scheduled to show up when its needed is another important part of our working process.
  • We have never been required to pay liquidated damages, never been asked to come back to fix something we have installed, and we have an excellent safety record.

We have the capability to respond to any emergency regardless of where it is. We have two corporate planes that get us there when needed. Our crews can be anywhere in the surrounding five states in 24 hours thanks to our corporate planes.

Our People

We have 80 core employees with an average of 10 to 30 years of experience. Our employees continue to be the reason why we deliver excellence from project to project. Excellent starts with our office staff and continues throughout our field staff.

Our Certifications

We are currently licensed and/or registered in 38 states.

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